• “As a concerned citizen of Pakistan and as a part of the entertainment industry, I urge all Pakistanis to speak out and stand united against the evil that is terrorism and that has poisoned the very fabric of our peace loving people.”

    Maria Wasti


  • “Justice provision needs reforms in the judiciary, the police and the prisons”

    Nasir Aslam Zahid

    Justice (Retd)

  • “We need the right representation but nothing is being done. It is time we started thinking and talking about it.”

    Iman Ali


  • “To overcome our current situation, it is imperative that the fanatic pedestal on which it rests is dismembered and restored to a democratic culture of traditional values that inculcates peace, mutual respect and tolerance. “

    Ijaz Ul Hasan


  • “Look for similarities, you will find them. More sets you together than it does apart. And if that fails then look for common problems, they are there and they can be tackled together.”

    Fasi Zaka


  • Besieged as they are by enemies within and without, Pakistanis cannot afford to lose heart. This is not the time to give up on Pakistan. We must muster the courage and, in our different ways, battle for the soul of Pakistan, Jinnah’s Pakistan, that is constantly invoked as a national ideal but which is a fading memory.

    Dr. Ayesha Jalal

    Socialologist /Historian

  • “We need to promote connectedness”

    Asad Umar

    CEO Engro Chemicals

  • Coming Soon

    Anwar Maqsood


  • “We need to take advantage of the space available to influence constitutional reform”

    Anis Haroon

    Chairperson: National Commission on the Status of Women

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