• “Nations and people only grow and develop in times of peace, we have a lot of growing to do so for the sake of our people lets all work toward a peaceful and stable Pakistan.”

    Tammy Haq

    TV Anchor / Fashion Host

  • “Peace is the decree of all mankind at this point in time. We need peace not only for ourselves but for the entire humanity – most importantly for their children and their children – the people of Pakistan have to raise their voice for peace collectively.”

    Muneeza Hashmi

    Senior TV Administrator / Documentary Maker

  • “It is important to believe in the indivisibility of peace”

    Dr. Pervez Tahir


  • “We must restore hope in peace, in people, the state, and in democratic institutions”

    Abdul Raziq Fahim

    Founding Director, College of Youth Activism and Development

  • “We want to see a world without bigotry, prejudice and intolerance.

    Let’s replace them with understanding and respect for all.”

    Zeb & Haniya


  • “Underneath all the misery our country is still managing to survive and it still possesses the potential to emerge as a successful state. But to achieve this, we each need to do our part and speak up against injustice and violence.”

    Strings: Bilal & Faisal


  • “Tolerance for each other’s viewpoint be it religious or political is the only way out of this whirlpool we are sinking in”

    Shahid Jalal


  • Pakistan Federation of Union Journalists

    Pervez Shaukat

    Pakistan Federation of Union Journalists

  • “As a patriot and citizen of Pakistan, I urge all Pakistanis to voice their concerns against the evil that is terrorism. Let us not give in to despair but rather make our positive presence felt in our unity and our collective concern for a stable, peaceful and tolerant Pakistan.”

    Mekaal Hasan


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